Car Power Inverter 300W DC 12V To AC 110V Converter Sine Wave With 2x AC Power Outlets, 2x USB

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  • 300W Car Power Inverter, 2 AC Outlets 2 USB Ports Charger Adapter Cigarette Lighter Plug
  • 300W Car Power Inverter, DC 12V to 110V AC Converter for Vehicle, Car Adapter with 2x AC Power Outlet and Dual USB Car Charger Total 5.4A Output, Red
  • 300W Reverse Polarity Protect Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Inverter With USB Car Adapter


  • Product Description:
  • Product name: 300W Car Power Inverter, DC12V to AC110V/60Hz
  • Ports: 2x AC Power Outlets (110V), 2x USB Charging Ports


  • Use the Car Power Inverter when engine is running (ON).
  • When not in use, it is best to cut off its input power.
  • Use to Power your Laptop, MacBook, Tablets, Cameras, Phones, Shaving Machine and other small devices.


  • Please shutdown the invertor when the car ignites. Because when the car starts, there is a huge current which will cause the product to damage the fuse.
  • Do not use Car Power Invertor to Power Home Appliances.


How Does a Power Inverter Work?

An automobile power inverter is an electrical transformer that takes the 12-Volt direct current (DC) and changes it to 110-Volt alternating current (AC). That allows you to run small electrical devices that you normally plug into a wall receptacle like Laptops, Cell Phones, Video Camera, Video Games, Tablets etc.

Your auto electrical system is a 12-Volt DC system that runs off the battery and the alternator when the engine is running. The inverter allows you to tap into the system and draw a limited amount of power to run 120-Volt AC devices.


Inverters can also drain your battery quickly unless your engine is running and charging your battery.

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