1080P 4MP Wifi CCTV Camera Outdoor Dome Security Surveillance Wireless IP Camera Colorful In Night


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    1080P 4MP Wifi CCTV Camera Outdoor Dome Security Surveillance Wireless IP Camera Colorful In Night

    Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $79.99.

    SKU # 11-11020099

    • 360 Degree Rotated CCTV camera HD 1080P security wifi home camera with night vision and led lighting
    • Wifi Camera 1080P Two-way Audio Waterproof Night Vision PIR Detection Smart Alert Full HD Security Camera
    • Also known as Security Camera, Surveillance Camera, Night Vision Security Camera
    • Product Description:
    • Support Cloud Storage or Max 128GB Memory Card (File Format: FAT32 Only)
    • Resolution: 1920*1080P
    • Live Stream, Android, iOS, Browser Accessible
    • iCSee App (android, iOS)
    • Power Adapter: USB Type C 5V/1.5A


    • Features: Support WiFi (5GHz & 2.4GHz), Night Vision, Motion Detection
    • Additional Features: Two Way Audio Communication, Mic, Speaker
    • Camera Lens: 3.6mm
    • Build in 8pcs LEDS IR Distance: 50 – 65Ft.
    • Dual Light Source Switch


    • Reset:
    • Press and Hold Reset Button (for 15-20 sec) until you hear the sound System is Factory Resetting, please don’t power off.



    • App Features:
    • Speaker Volume: Settings –>> Basic Settings –>> Speaker Volume
    • Rotation Speed: Settings –>> Basic Settings –>> Rotation Speed
    • Format: Settings –>> Local Storage –>> Format
    • Human Detection: Settings –>> Smart Alarm –>> Human Detection
    • Auto Track: Settings –>> Advanced Settings –>> Auto Track
    • Video Transfer/Share: Open the iCSee App –>> Press Online Video –>> Local Record –>>  Select Required Video segment (or long Press a video to Select ALL) –>> Download –>> Download management –>> Play the Video –>> Save (Top Right) –>> Confirm. Video has been saved in your Phone Gallery (CSee Folder). 5 min Video file approximate Size: 20MB.
    • Permission Settings (Location, Storage, Camera, Microphone, Background Popup, Notification):
      Open the ICSee App: Me –>> About –>> Permission Settings –>> Enable/Disable
    • Homescreen Shortcut:
      Open the ICSee App: Settings –>> Add to Desktop –>> Add Automatically.
    • Enable/Disable Push Notifications: Settings –>> Smart Alarm –>>
      Human Detection ——- Disable
      Alarm Push ——- Disable
      Alarm ——- Disable
    • Enable/Disable Auto Tracking: Settings –>> Advance Settings –>> Auto Track
    • Change Device name: Settings –>> Basic Settings –>> Device name –>> Modify Device Name
    • Set Device Time: Settings –>> About –>> Device Time


    • What is a PTZ on a camera?
      PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. Where Pan means to rotate, Tilt to move the lens up and down and Zoom to zoom in or out on a part of the image you’re trying to capture. In short, a PTZ camera is a controllable camera that can move over 3 axes.
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    16K DisplayPort 2.0 Cable with 80Gbps Bandwidth [16K@60Hz, 10K@60Hz, 8K@120Hz, 4K@240Hz 165Hz 144Hz], Support HDCP 2.2, HDR, ARC, 3D, Compatible with Laptop, Desktop, Gaming Monitor, Home Theater, TV, Projector and More

    Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $24.99.

    SKU # 6-06990029

    • Also known as DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable, DP to DP Cord


    • Product Description:
    • Product name: DisplayPort 2.0 Cable, DP 2.0 Cable
    • Resolution: 16K@60Hz, 10K@60Hz, 8K@120Hz, 4K@240Hz 165Hz 144Hz
    • Bandwidth: 80Gbps  Ultra High Speed
    • Length: 3m (9Ft and 10 inches)
    • Material: PVC+ Nylon Braid
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    2.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female Stereo Mic Audio Headphone Jack Adapter Converter

    • 2.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female Audio Adapter High Quality Converter For Headset, Headphone, Earphone, 3-Ring Jack – Provides Stereo or Mono Capabilities


    • Product Description:
    • Product name: 2.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female Audio Jack Adapter
    • Application: Car, Camera, COMPUTER, DVD Player


    • Also known as: 2.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female Audio Travel Adapter Gold Plated Aux Auxiliary Plug Splitter 3 Ring Jack Adapter, 2.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Adapter, Aux Adapter, Auxiliary Plug Adapter
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    24V Replacement AC Power Adapter for Samsung Soundbar Speaker, 6.3mmx2.1mm

    Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $27.99.

    SKU # 1-01540035

    • Product Description:
    • Output: 24V/2.5A
    • Connector Size: 6.3mm x 2.1mm (with pin inside)
    • Application: Samsung Soundbar Speaker, Subwoofer, 2.1 Channel Wired Audio Soundbar


    • Compatible with and More
    • Samsung HW-JM45, HW-JM45/ZA,
    • HW-J355, HW-J355/CA, HW-J355XU, HW-J355/ZA, HW-J355/ZC, HW-J355/ZF, BN44-00639A
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    3.5mm Aux Jack to USB, Charger + Data + Sync Cable for iPod, MP3 Player, Headphones

    Original price was: $10.99.Current price is: $9.99.

    SKU # 10-10910010

    • 3.5mm Male AUX Audio Jack To USB 2.0 Male Charge Cable
    • USB to 3.5mm Aux Cable Adapter
    • USB 2.0 Male to 3.5mm AUX Audio Plug Male OTG Adapter Car Aux USB Cable


    • Product Description:
    • Product name: USB to Aux Cable
    • Connector: 3.5mm Aux to USB A male
    • Connector Type: Stereo
    • Feature: Charge + Data Sync. This USB 2.0 male to 3.5mm audio jack cable allows you to safely power, charge your device and synchronize and download files at the same time.
    • Application: Headset, MP3/MP4 Players, Pocket Recorders, Speakers and more.
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    3.5mm Male to Female Audio Extension Cord, 4 Pole TRRS, 3.5mm Extension with Microphone Male to Female Stereo Audio Cable 6.6Ft.

    • High Quality gold-plated Headphone Extension Cable 3.5mm Jack Aux Extension Cord


    • Product Description:
    • Product name: 3.5mm Audio Extension Cable
    • Connector Type: Stereo
    • Function: Audio Transfer
    • Gender: Male-Female
    • Length: 6.6Ft. (2m)
    • Application: PC, Camera, MP3/MP4 Players, Car, DVD, Media Players, iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones and More.
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    3.5mm to 2RCA Cable, RCA Male to Aux Audio Adapter HiFi Sound Headphone Jack Adapter Metal Shell RCA Y Splitter RCA Auxiliary Cord 1/8 to RCA Connector for Smartphones, MP3, Tablets, Speakers, HDTV and More, 3m

    Original price was: $14.99.Current price is: $12.99.

    SKU # 10-1061-HC-0015

    • High Quality 3.5mm To 2 RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable, RCA Cable For Speaker, Sound Box, Subwoofer, TV, DVD, Amplifier And More
    • UGREEN RCA Cable HiFi Stereo 2RCA to 3.5mm Audio Cable AUX RCA Jack 3.5 Y Splitter for Amplifiers Audio Home Theater Cable RCA
    • 3.5MM Headphone Jack to dual RCA Y Splitter Adapter 1 in 2 Out 3.5MM TRS Aux To 2RCA Cable Y-Cable Converter
    • RCA Audio Cable Jack 3.5mm to 2 RCA Cable 3.5mm Jack to 2RCA Male Splitter Aux Cable for TV PC Amplifiers DVD Speaker Wire
    • AV102 3.5mm to 2RCA M/M Audio Cable, 2 RCA Male to 3.5mm Audio Jack Male Cable


    • Product Description:
    • Product name: 3.5mm Aux to 2RCA cable (AV102)
    • Gender: Male – Male
    • Connector A: 3.5mm Mono Male
    • Connector B: 2RCA Male Plug
    • Length: 3m (9ft 10inch)
    • Application: Home Theater, DVD, VCD, Speaker, COMPUTER, Multimedia, Monitor and More.
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    3.5mm to 3 RCA Male Plug to RCA Stereo Audio Video Male AUX Cable, 3.5mm to RCA AV Camcorder Audio Video Cable

    Original price was: $14.99.Current price is: $10.99.

    SKU # 10-10930014

    • High Quality 3.5mm Aux Male to 3RCA Male Plug Stereo Audio Video Cable, 3.5mm 1/8″ TRRS to 3 RCA Male Plug Aux Cable Cord for Computers, Projector, TV Box, Set-Top Box, Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Player, Speakers, Multimedia
    • 3.5mm Jack Plug Male to 3 RCA Male Audio Video AV Cable for Camcorder Handycam


    • Product Description:
    • Product name: 3.5mm Stereo to 3RCA Cable
    • Application: Camera, Computer, DVD Player, Multimedia, Speaker, Home Theater, Camcorder, Handycam and More.
    • Function: HD High Speed Data Transfer
    • Connector Type: 3.5mm Auxiliary , RCA
    • Gender: Male to Male
    • Color Code: Yellow, White & Red
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